InnovaScapes Institute COVID-19 Dashboard of the US States, Counties and 2020 World Pandemic

Charles H. House (Chuck) is CEO of InnovaScapes Institute (ISI), which is focused on researching, documenting and interpreting high-tech innovation and impact on society. Please contact Chuck at and and read Chuck’s extremely insightful blog posts at Finally, for the first in a series of Introductory videos by Chuck, please watch this YouTube video at

This COVID-19 multidimensional and interactive Dashboard was created in 14 working days in conjunction with Anywhere Anytime, LLC For more information – and/or a live hands-on demo and tour of this or our other Executive Dashboards – please contact or

Below you can SEE our “live and interactive COVID-19 Dashboards” loading. In the lower right is a “double arrow icon”, click that to expand to full screen for best viewing (use Esc key to exit full screen). On the 4 California maps, “hover”, do not click, over various counties and see amazing “mini graphs and data for that county” – takes a few seconds to load. On the middle bottom of the Dashboard, you will see “1 of 5” – click this and you will see a selection pop-up. We have three dashboards: 1) US Counties and States, 2) US States and 3) World Countries compared to US States. How does New York compare to e.g. Italy, or the UK, or Brazil, etc. We have also included, pages 4 and 5, as noted below. For questions please contact us above.

We are using publicly available data sources including Johns Hopkins, USAFACTS and IHME. We are updating daily the first three Tan themed COVID-19 dashboards, when the previous day’s data is available from the above sources, which typically occurs between 9 am and 11 am PT as shown in the top middle “Last Refreshed Thru”. We are daily pulling and updating over 900,000 rows of .csv files as made available by Johns Hopkins and USAFACTS as referenced on their respective websites. The one Black themed dashboards is just an example of using a fixed “prediction” timeframe, as created and published by IHME for June 7, 2020 to October 1, 2020. Note, we are not calculating any ARIMA based prediction values and only using the data that IHME is making publicly available. We are only further visualizing that data.